You can now play the first chapter of Mafia III for free


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You may remember the hype surrounding Mafia III before its launch late last year. As is sometimes the case with big releases (looking at you, Mass Effect), the game didn’t live up to expectations and was a pretty mediocre affair with plenty of technical problems.

Despite its shortcomings, Mafia III went on to become the 'fastest-selling' game in the history of publisher 2K Games, the company behind franchises such as Borderlands, Civilization, and Bioshock. It shipped 4.5 million copies to retailers in the first week of release, according to parent Take-Two Interactive’s earnings report. No word on how many consumers bought the game, though.

For those curious to try Mafia III but aren’t willing to pay its full price, good news: a free demo version of the game is now available.

Developer Hanger 13’s blog post reveals that the entire opening act is available for all platforms (24 GB on PC). It features the bank heist sequence, which sets the stage for the rest of the Mafia III story. Should you find yourself enjoying the demo, you’ll be pleased to know that your progress carries on into the full version. Best of all, the full game is available with a 50 percent discount until April 17.

Also launched yesterday was the first of Mafia III’s three DLC packs, “Faster, Baby.” It adds a new town, combat mechanics, and weapons, along with a plot that sees protagonist Lincoln Clay and a new character, Roxy Laveau, join forces to "take down the corrupt and powerful Sheriff 'Slim' Beaumont." Check out the trailer below to see more.

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Cool. Except for the fact that the link on Steam is non existent so how we manage to download it leaves me clueless.


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Man, this game's price dropped fast. I'm hoping for the same for ME:A. I'm interested, just not $60-can't resell-interested.

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Just get this and if you like it play it 10 more times to get the whole game, not much difference. Maybe you need to watch couple of demos from youtube if you're interested in the plot.


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Is this the return of the demo or is pirate bay still going to have the "demo" market monopoly?


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I picked up mafia 3 the other week $20 on steam. The game is really fun, but it's super buggy. Everything from graphical glitches to random hard locks. I tried returning it, but the issues didn't start till after 2 hours in. Be warned if you're interested in this game.