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Jun 8, 2010
  1. Some youtube videos though quite alot of them I cannot watch in 360/480p quality,HD quality is fine but in original format videos are really 'choppy' and the display flashes green sometimes and is impossible to watch smoothly.

    My laptop is brand new and is the Alienware M11X, capable of watching standard videos.
  2. tipstir

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    That's them, not you.. Either they're upgrading servers and software or something else. I was on there last night on my dual core over 802.11n in HD mode and it was okay.
  3. myrmidonks

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    By HD mode do you mean you turned the discrete graphics on? (GT 335m, I believe) If this is the case, then you should not have any problems watching any quality video.If you are running on the integrated graphics, the lower quality videos should still work fine, and 1080p might require the discrete graphics. Does the flashing green happen with all videos? If not, it is the specific video tht has problems.
  4. tipstir

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    Flashing Green is hardware issues in the GPU.
  5. British_Command

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    Nah, HD videos work fine on the standard GPU it's just 360p and some 480p videos get really choppy and flash green sometimes, I haven't tried using the discrete graphics card but if the standard GPU can play 720p mode fine then what the hell is the problem with playing 360p?! It's not all videos but a large majority of them and the problem has persisted since I got the laptop like a fortnight ago.

    it's rather curious that some 360p videos play fine and others are really choppy.
  6. mossy95

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    not upload correct
  7. tweakboy

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    It's the video card or CPU you have.. not handling it..
  8. British_Command

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    Yeah but surely a HD (720p) video stresses the CPU/GPU more? So that's my complex, unless my assumption that every youtube video is of similar format is wrong and that some formats despite being 360p will stress more, for some reason.

    I'm not a technical expert, obviously.
  9. Ashey

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    Hey, I've just made an account here just to let you know how to fix this and I'm confident this simple fix will solve your issue.

    Right click any youtube video whilst watching and go in to the "Settings" menu of the flash player. Click the first tab of the menu and untick "Enable hardware acceleration". This should fix your problem.

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