YouTube Star PewDiePie uses racial slur during stream, developer files DMCA notice in...


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Some of these posts are done out of blind ignorance... and some of you have a privilege that will keep you from ever understanding why this is an issue. Some of you rationalize this by saying that words don't matter. Do you think all black people are okay with other blacks using this word? I am not okay with it and I have asked others to not use it. Do you all think this is the only slur that is unacceptable? I do not - many of the words used in this thread would never leave my lips.
I've known you're of African descent for quite some time. What I'm also aware of, is that you've achieved a fair amount of success and position during your life.

With those things in mind, I expect you likely live in an area of diverse and enlightened people, who share your views, beliefs, and values There is a trap though, as you show all the symptoms of detachment a white person of your same status would. You don't realize how far removed from the ******** in "da hood" you are.

Slavery was abolished in 1865, this is 2017. If my meager grasp of math is correct, that's a separation of 152 years between then and now. Actuarials tell us the average human lifespan is something on the order of 75 years, and as such, I can guarantee there is not a single slave owner alive today. Turnabout is fair play, and I feel justified in asking, "exactly how long are blacks going to be allowed to play the race card"?

Let me ask you this, was someone shot and wounded on your block within the last two months? Last Friday did several individuals empty two pistols up your street just for sport? If they did, did they do it within moments after a police cruiser passed?

I live where I live because of my own foibles and failings, I've accepted that. But I have a bird's eye view, of exactly now badly racial tensions have become, and literally how badly inbred and poorly socialized today's inner city blacks have become. In general they merely parasites, foaled for the increase of social entitlements they bring. After puberty, they're trained to count to 10, so they are able to divine if they've been given the correct amount of money for the bag of crack or smack which they've just handed some junkie or crack head.

And then there's the "music". When rap was first introduced, my "obviously racist", friend at work said, (when I asked WTF is that sh!t?), said, "oh yeah, they don't have to bother singing anymore".

Today's "thug rap" and "hip-hop", are a meager excuse for some imbecile's non stop profanity, (based mostly around "the N word") about what the stupid pr!ck did the day before yesterday. "Man I tol' dat bee-atch, blah, blah, blah". "I busted a cap at da po-lice, blah, blah, blah".

This is how what "music" has deteriorated. It no longer has any true artistic value. There's no purpose, no history, no faith, no striving for something better, no ideals, no mythology, and practically no melody. Just some idi0t ranting profanity.

So basically, I listen to a 3 note bass run, with a melodic timing overlay of either, ugga, bugga, bugga", or, "bugga, ugga, ugga", combined with a continuous reiteration of "that darn N word", from early Friday afternoon to Sunday night.

But yes, the two guys with the loudest stereos do have jobs, so I suppose I should applaud them for that.

I was raised with the same standards you were, and which you claim to embrace now. But, I was overprotected in the process. The trouble is, if my crazy aunts hadn't taught me to be fluent in profanity, I probably wouldn't have survived past the 6th grade in my inner city schools.

So, blacks tend to stick together much more than whites. If a low class black commits a crime, any high class black will generally turn him or her into a victim of circumstance. After all, his "baby daddy didn't stick around", the trauma of that was intense. "Baby daddy", of course, was out knocking some other "b!tch" up, trying to put, "another jewel in his crown", while leaving the financial cleanup to a host of local, state, and federal agencies.

My impression overall is this, whatever excuses blacks make for the continual use of the N word, at the base of it all, they're just mocking whites, and rubbing white people's noses in the fact we're not allowed to say it any more. There's no "higher purpose", just revenge. After all, if a black can get someone fired for using that word, another black might be able to swoop in a take over that job. It's a dog eat dog world, and with all the pit-bulls y'all are collectin' these days, that's a literal statement of fact. (as well as a great pun on my part).

@LNCPapa, please do me the courtesy of not giving this post a "TL;DR". I have tons more horror stories to tell. This post is as "short as it is",for the sake of "brevity".
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I read the whole thing CC - and even though I usually don't agree with the things you say I still recognize that we've grown up in different times and under different circumstances and for the most part it's very entertaining to read some of your posts. It's unfortunate your exposure to African Americans is the worst we have to offer but I assure you, even though the prison system would have you believe otherwise, we are not all like that or even most of us. Growing up, many of my friends lived in the projects and they too were afraid of the craziness of those who did not consider how their actions affect others. One of the things you'll often hear us say is "Damn, he's making us look bad."... or maybe you don't. I wish I lived near enough so that maybe I could at least expose you to those of us who do not have the same mentality as the African Americans around you. As I mentioned earlier, these are conversations we are having even within our own race. I think until we spend time with each other and talk about what has happened and how it has extended consequences we will never truly understand. I have Jewish friends and their families who are comfortable enough to talk to me about the Holocaust and I have German friends who are comfortable doing the same - we all talk about these things together and hope that through understanding it will reduce the chance of anything like that happening again. I have several Caucasian friends who grew up in very homogeneous regions who talk to me regularly about things in black culture that they don't understand. I enjoy this - I welcome it and wish there was enough comfort among everyone to have these candid conversations... but I'm also not so naive to think that this is possible under every circumstance. Find someone who has some understanding about these things and talk to them if you can. I hate how this time has affected you and I suspect it may be too late to change your view, but it's definitely worth trying.

BTW - I can't argue with your music description very much. 90% of all new rap is garbage in my opinion and I'm now that old man that says to the kids "That's not music! That's just some guy mumbling." There are a few good artists here and there but you have to sift through a lot of poop to find it - totally not worth it if you don't even listen to the genre.

I do, however, disagree with blacks sticking together more often than whites though... but maybe that's just a perspective thing. Color sure does seem like a stupid thing to use as a reason to divide ourselves.


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Well Papa, your enlightenment is far from he norm, it's well within the range of an exception.

I equate societies and groups within them to icebergs (?), as the majority of any given group is below the 'waterline", which I use as reference marker for the worth and value to society of those below it. Modern inner city blacks are trying to, "sink the iceberg" as it were. I have no doubt business decisions on the part of whites have contributed to that sad circumstance. One such salient faux pas, was the Eagles hiring Michael Vick as their franchise quarterback. The message that sent was "all you have to do is mouth he words of regret, and all doors will be open to you. A leopard doesn't change its spots, and any PSAs and lectures Vick may have given against, are pure hypocrisy, bunk, and merely obligations to afford him the opportunity to continue his very lucrative, and very public occupation.

Please note I'm not saying people don't deserve a second chance, just there should be some reasonable limits attached. In this case, Vick was in no position to be afforded the "role model status" which was bestowed upon him.

I certainly have never said or implied that "all blacks are alike". In fact, I have great admiration for those who have truly "integrated themselves" into our extant societal model, rather than hijacking our society, and trying to install a bizarre model of their own. "Social melding", shouldn't involve remodeling of all society's values and such, to suit any one groups convenience.

Well, as you may have guessed by now, there's a lot more where than came.:D But duty calls, real life awaits.

You and I don't necessarily have to be in physical proximity to exchange ideas. While it is granted somewhat detached in is own right, the internet allegedly provides us with that opportunity, at least to a limited degree.

Here's a warning from a half century ago, which I believe is even more relevant today:

"Your sons and your daughters are beyond your command, for the times they are a changin'......"


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Slavery isn't dead, they are just called Mexicans. If you think about it, any servant today is a slave. They work for a master/employeer and do what they are told/asked.

If you think much has changed in the last 150-200 years, may want to think about that a little more.
To many people live in the past, you don't have to forget the past but you do have to move on. Moving on is apart of life, we all have to move on from different things in our lives.


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Slavery isn't dead, they are just called Mexicans. If you think about it, any servant today is a slave. They work for a master/employeer and do what they are told/asked....[ ]...
John Lennon said something to this effect decades ago, in a way which earned him quite a bit of censure. "everybody who answers to someone else, is somebody's n****", or words to that effect.

(Nobody gave a single thought to his context,. They basically just whimpered and complained about him using the "N word", without a single thought to his motives).

He also said, "our group is more popular than Jesus", which was the truth, it just didn't sit at all well with the religious right!

I say, "if you want to piss somebody off, tell them the truth about themselves...". :eek:
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