YouTube to launch "channels" with scheduled programming

Shawn Knight

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YouTube will soon be delivering more than a dozen "channels" that will provide regularly scheduled programming covering topics such as sports and fashion. Parent company Google is expected to finalize…

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Google is HUGE!!! But really what is the practicality of it when you can just turn on the T.V?


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I never watch tv anymore, well for football. This would be great for watching shows I like exactly when I have time to watch them.


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Once initial investments have been replenished, YouTube will invite partners in for ad revenue sharing. There?s no word regarding if these channels would come as part of a paid membership or be made free for anyone to view.

Why would they charge users for something like that? More importantly, who would pay to--what is essentially--watch T.V.?


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I wouldn't mind watching CartoonNetwork and Boomerang since I have no cable and CN got funny and left regular cable here :/


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Pssh if youtube obtains hulu half of hulus videos would be taken down. I like the idea but its to bad the shows will be limited by youtubes sensorship.

By the way I was assuming that these would be unique shows not rebroadcasts.


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Wow, Google really takes the cake for coming up with ideas that I completely can't understand the demand for. it's like TV over the internet? What?! So I sacrifice my perfect HD channels with my DVR to watch on the internet with loading, buffering, (and you know commercial breaks), but I don't even get to start the show 'on demand'?! And unless i'm using an HTPC I won't have DVR capabilities to fast forward commercials and pause/rewind. AND, that still only would appeal to people who watch streamed content on their TV and not their computer.

Clearly google has too much time AND money.