Zombie survival tips?

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Jul 26, 2012
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  1. Gareis

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    Speaking of Max Brooks, The remote Island idea won't work, if anyone here read his book: 'World War Z' they'll know that zombies crawl on the ocean floor, and though it may take a while for them to get there, you'll have your island swarmed in the end.
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  2. Marnomancer

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    Or maybe those with the remote island idea hope the zombies will decay to immobilization by the time the reach the island. :p

    As for survivors, I see no other way to find them but leave signs to meet regularly at a certain place (like in I Am Legend), or the occasional encounter when search parties go looking for resources/ammo/ration.

    So while thinking what *not* to do, I'd say:

    • Bad hiding places:

    1. Shopping malls can be a dangerous hiding place because there are too many entrances to guard.
    2. Basements, houses and garages are no escape zones.
    3. A car to which you don't have the keys.
    4. Any building that offers a way in and no way out.
    5. Elevators. Remember there are reasons they say to avoid elevators in an emergency. Consider Zombies one of those reasons.

    Once you have a secure hiding place, reinforce it against attack and regularly maintain the reinforcements.
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