Zone Alarm Nag Screen free v8.0.298.0 on Vista

By Poppa Bear ยท 27 replies
Apr 25, 2009
  1. captaincranky

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    OK, lets assume for a moment I've learned my lesson of limitations. Guide me,please. Is it really necessary to reinstall 2 operating systems to untick the "automatic updates" box? :rolleyes:
    If you mean changing color often enough to make the post look a mood ring, then you're right. For my next screen name I think I'll use "ROY G BIV".
    I you want maintain your self exaulted status as a major literary force in a forum context, try to avoid direct, oh, "name calling". It does cheapen the exchange. I always try to dance around making comments like this, as I have a different take on literature.

    But, in keeping with the Mediterranean theme, let me just say, "cogito ergo sum". Spice up the conversation with a little existentialism. Mediterranean, spice probably not as clever a wordplay as many others could muster, but an attempt at entertainment nonetheless.

    captaincrazy says; "have a wonderful, uninterrupted, day and a pleasant tomorrow. No, really :wave: I always find the day goes better on a fresh copy of Windows.
  2. Poppa Bear

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    As I stated earlier I had unticked auto updates and it didn't work. This option only worked after I had reloaded an Acronis image, uninstalled the old version of ZA, got all the latest Microsoft and system updates, then reloaded the latest ZA over the updates instead of the other way round; then finally unticked auto updates in Zone Alarm. Even then it took 2 to 3 restarts of ZA before something kicked in and the program worked as it should. This makes me suspect that some of the Microsoft or system updates that had been originally loaded over the latest version of ZA caused it to malfunction. However, when ZA is loaded over the updates it does work.
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    If there is nothing else to post ON TOPIC then no more posting here please
    Further postings like this may close the thread and have multiple replies removed

    And it continues now with edits !
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