Zonet router port forward nightmare!

By eyeloveink
May 21, 2006
  1. Well today I was trying to open the warcraft 3 port to host custom maps. So i went into my routers configuration through my browser and got around to the area where i could make ports public or private i set the options accordingly and loaded up wc:3. i still couldnt host so my friend jeff said that it might be because i have a dynamic ip on my router. my computer itself has a static ip so i figured i would try to do the same for my actual router in its static ip area. i plugged in the adresses and yadayada my computer and then as i hit [add] my computer choked for a minute then froze for good. i restarted it and got back in my internet connection appeared to be connected at 100mb/s, but as you probably have guessed was a fluke and couldnt get pass my router and a ping showed that i wasnt even in connection with it. i went to my router and with a paper clip pushed in the small button on the router that read [reset]. i was hoping that it would reset the routers settings and i would be able to reconfigure it to my computer like it was new. that didnt work so here i am without a router with a direct connection to my modem looking for help. any ideas anyone?
  2. Nodsu

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    See the router manual for the factory reset procedure. You may have to hold down the reset button or play around with cables.

    No, the problem was not your dynamic IP address. Don't ask Jeff for any more advice :)

    The router's connection to the internet and your computer's connection to the router are completely different things and they are not related to each other in any way. You don't have to change the router WAN settings to somehow match your computer's LAN settings.
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