Zoom gives in to pressure, will make end-to-end encryption available to all

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Zoom Video Communications this week backtracked on its previous stance relating to end-to-end encryption (E2EE) for its users.

Company CEO Eric Yuan set off a firestorm earlier this month when it was revealed during an earnings call that its upcoming E2EE feature would be limited to paying subscribers. After engaging with security experts, government reps, encryption advocates and other experts, the tech firm said it has “identified a path forward” in which it can offer E2EE for all.

To enable the feature, Yuan said free / basic users will be required to verify their phone number via a text message. This risk-based authentication step should help to limit the mass creation of abusive accounts.

Zoom has grown tremendously over the past few months as a direct result of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. As people were sent home en masse, many turned to the Internet to continue working remotely and for millions, that meant installing and utilizing a video conferencing app like Zoom.

The company said in April that it had more than 300 million daily users but later corrected its statement to read “300 million daily Zoom meeting participants.”

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I would think twice about using or trusting a Chinese company. Too many other alternatives. Thanks but no thanks.

Agreed. I wonder if it's articles like this that are nothing more than bait to lure people into a false sense of security. "*SIGH*. We didn't want to do this but the people demanded...so here you go. Uh-huh!" Do we really want to trust the Chinese on anything they say? Uh-oh. I just realized, I'm racist for saying that. I guess I should replace the word Chinese with China, if that helps any.


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I would think twice about using or trusting a Chinese company. Too many other alternatives. Thanks but no thanks.
The CEO is a Chinese immigrant, but the company itself is American. I have no love for the Chinese government or Chinese companies, but Zoom isn't Chinese aside from its CEO who himself left China for a better life in the USA.

Anyways, this company's stock price just won't let up. It keeps climbing and climbing...and analyst say its still undervalued!
The counterintelligence issue with Zoom lays in the fact that the application routes the meeting encryption keys required by their home-grown encryption scheme to route through servers located in China. Zoom's privacy issues. The FBI issued their warning following multiple reports of online conferences being disrupted by third-party individuals.