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Shup is a small Windows utility that allows you to capture, edit, and share images (and other files) with ease!. Learn what's new on this latest version. Click here if the download does not begin automatically.

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More about Shup

Shup key features:

- Global hotkeys allow you to initiate the capture of either the active window or your entire desktop.
- The Shup image editor is invoked (if enabled) by the global hotkeys, and provides two basic tools: a paintbrush, with which you can paint in any color you wish to choose from the color palette dialog, and a rectangular marquee tool, which is rather insignifcant by itself but becomes quite useful when combined with flood fill and image cropping functionality.
- Uploading files to your favorite file hosting site is no problem with Shup, which currently supports, ImageShack, PhotoBucket, and WaffleImages. And after the file upload is complete, Shup places the file's URL into your clipboard for immediate sharing / spamming.
- Stashbox Secure is a recent addition to Shup, and enables you to password-protect and encrypt your files with our AES-based GigaFonzi encryption technology prior to uploading.
- The Windows shell extension installs a couple of menu items in your Windows right-click menu, such that you can right-click on any file in Explorer and upload it directly to Stashbox. We hope to allow uploading to any host from the shell extension in the future, but for now only Stashbox is supported.

Change log:

* Added Debris ( support!
* The installer killswitch now plays nice
* Fixed history display bug
* Added Change Upload Tags option to the preview window
* Redesigned the Shup main window
* Added Preferences dialog
* Added Flickr support!
* Added upload confirmation options
* Added ability to create new images in the image editor =)
* Fixed "error writing png" bug
* Fixed main window display issue where it would take over the entire screen!
* Added some icons from FAMFAMFAM ( Read more.

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