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Music Rescue 3.1.4 (formerly podUtil)

Easy-to-use utility for viewing the songs on your iPod and copying them. Learn what's new on this latest version. Click here if the download does not begin automatically.

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  • Music Rescue is available for multiple platforms (Windows 2k/XP).
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More about Music Rescue

PodUtil is an easy-to-use utility for viewing the songs on your iPod and copying them in a customisable organised manner to your computer, and will automatically add them to iTunes and rebuild your playlists if you wish.

Features at-a-glance

iPod Scanning

* Fast and automatic iPod scanning
* Supports playlists
* Detailed information about each song
* Supports all formats iPod does (MP3, AAC, WAV, AIFF, Audible, etc.)
* Song previews
* Works with all iPods

File Copying

* Organises copied music on your hard drive by artist, album, both or neither
* Advanced mode allows customisable organisation and file renaming

iTunes Integration

* Adds songs back to iTunes
* Rebuilds your playlists

New in Music Rescue 3.1.4

Bug Fixes

* iTunes library rebuilding now works correctly on Intel-based Macs.

New Features

* Now includes a "Diagnostics" window to help troubleshoot. See the knowledgebase article "Troubleshooting Music Rescue with the Diagnostics Window" for more information.

New in Music Rescue 3.1.3

Bug Fixes

* Fixed hang on startup when used with some iPods.
* Improved behaviour when unplugging an iPod with Music Rescue is open.

New Features

* Added "Album Artist" tag to the Sorting Preset editor.

New in Music Rescue 3.1.2

New Features

* Growl support on Mac OS X.
* Music Rescue now auto detects iPod details (iPod serial number, etc) correctly on Mac OS X.
* When adding Playlists to iTunes, Music Rescue asks which Playlists you want to create. This allows rebuilding of a single playlist without tracks in multiple playlists causing others to be created too.
* Music Rescue now identifies videos in the main track list.
* Removed "Use new copy engine" preference - it is now permanently on.
* Added detection and support for the coloured iPod shuffles.
* If Music Rescue can't determine an iPod's type (for example, a new model comes out), it will ask for you to manually define it's type and optionally visit our website to tell us about your iPod so it can be automatically detected in future versions.
* You can turn this warning off in the Preferences.

Bug Fixes

* On Windows, the media player now uses QuickTime again - allowing playback of M4A and iTunes store tracks within Music Rescue.
* The "Force Meta-Data" checkbox is now disabled unless "Add Tracks to iTunes" is checked in the Presets editor.
* Fixed crash on startup that could occur with iPods used with iTunes 7.1 or higher.
* Fixed various miscellaneous bugs.

New in Music Rescue 3.1.1

* Fixed crash on startup when used with iPods updated with iTunes 7.1.

New in Music Rescue 3.1.1

* Fixed issues with iPods used with iTunes 7.1.

New in Music Rescue 3.1

New Features

* Name Change! PodUtil is now known as Music Rescue.
* Music Rescue is a Universal Binary on Mac OS X.
* Music Rescue now fully supports newer iPods, including the iPod shuffle. You can now register these iPods with Music Rescue Anywhere. Note: This auto-detection doesn't work in Mac OS X yet, however, once an iPod has been used with Music Rescue on Windows it'll work correctly in Mac OS X as well. For more info, see knowledgebase article: Music Rescue 3.1: iPod Detection and Mac OS X.
* Interface improvements.
* Added keyboard shortcuts (Cmd/Ctrl + 1,2,3,etc) to tab panels and the preferences window categories.
* Music Rescue now correctly identifies videos and podcasts.
* No longer attempts to save profiles for unsupported iPods.
* Un-needed iPod profiles can be removed by right-clicking their name in the profiles list.
* Fixed sticky contextual menus.
* You can no longer open multiple windows for the same iPod using File -> New.
* Copy Logs are now remembered on a per-iPod basis.
* iPod Profiles are now saved locally in a separate file, so they no longer bog down the saving of other settings (Rulesets, Copy Settings Presets, etc).
* Redesigned the file sorting presets interface. The "Copy Settings..." button has gone, replaced with a menu to choose which preset to use. You can edit presets using the "Edit..." item in this menu.
* New option in Sorting Presets: "Force Meta-Data". With this enabled, Music Rescue will deliberately add all track data to iTunes from the iPod's database, rather on relying on iTunes to pick it up from the music file. This can be helpful when track information is present in the database but not the music file itself (such as some .WAV and .AIFF files).
* The Media Player has been redesigned and is now a pane in the Summary Panel.
* Removed "Media Player Background Colour" option from the Preferences.
* The "Copy To:" section of the main window now previews where a track will be copied to based on the selected preset´┐Ż when one is selected in the main view.
* Improved detection of album art.
* You can now press return or enter to play the selected track in the media player. Read more.

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