Upping the ante --- Gifts $150 to $300

OCZ nia (Neural Impulse Actuator)
Enhance your gaming experience - $150
A part of me is surprised to see something of this nature available on the market and yet another part wonders what the hell took so long! The OCZ nia is reported to pick up neuronal discharges in the brain, muscular and retinal movements essentially allowing a more direct and speedy communication between yourself and your virtual character. It's mostly been received with positive reviews, however, this device is probably only a suitable gift to the guy or gal who is looking to experiment and learn some new ways to game.

Flip Video Mino Series Camcorder
Shoot and upload - $160
For those who are heavily involved in uploading their videos to online communities such as YouTube, AOL and MySpace, the Flip Video Mino Series Camcorder may prove to be an invaluable utility. It's an extremely pocket friendly device with an internal rechargeable battery, records pretty clear sound/video for what it is, and given its success and popularity you can bet it's a safe purchase.

Rock Band 2
Tons more fun than the original GH, guaranteed - $180
Rock Band 2 allows you and your pals to take your band on an extensive world tour both online and off to fulfill your rock and roll dreams. With an updated touch, Rock Band 2 will provide hours upon hours of fun for your aspiring rock star and their buddies. If you happen to know that your rocker prefers Guitar Hero, take a look at the latest title in that series instead which is also designed for group-play and comes with similar instruments.

iPhone 3G
Still the hottest Smartphone out there - $200
The iPhone 3G offers slightly improved audio quality over the original model, provides access to a faster data network, plus the addition of fresh third-party software. For pocket web browsing and email reading, the iPhone is arguably the best smartphone money can buy you today. There are several other worthy challengers, of course, but in our opinion unless the touchscreen is an undesirable feature to you, the iPhone still provides the better overall package.

Since the 3G version launch of the iPhone its initial pricing dropped to $200 which is good news if you can just give the device and let the recipient take care of the subsequent monthly bills for the service. Buying the phone without a plan has become trickier than before but availability of the iPhone has been extended considerably worldwide during this past year.

Logitech Harmony One
Remote control on steroids - $200
Need to buy a gift for anyone with a home entertainment center that doesn't already own a Logitech Harmony One? Well, you can cross them off your list because this will be something they'll find themselves both using and appreciating day in and day out. The Logitech Harmony One provides an all-in-one programmable universal remote control solution that simply works. As the cherry on top, why not accompany it with a hammer to bid farewell to the six remotes your entertainment buff has scattered around the living area?

Popcorn Hour A-110
The self-proclaimed 'Network Media Tank' - $220
The Popcorn Hour A-110 is an all-in-one network device that incorporates a combination of a digital media player, network attached storage and server. With its healthy feature set, the A-110 makes it possible to access, stream, store and share your media files effortlessly; it truly is a revolution in digital entertainment versatility which any and all media-fiends alike will appreciate.

Intel Core i7 920
The ultimate in processing technology - $300
Starting up with actual PC hardware and internals, the base Core i7 processor packs a lot of computing power and is just a notch below our high-end PC buying guide pick (Core i7 940). Although this CPU won't pass of a mere novelty gift unless coupled with an even more expensive X58 motherboard and some RAM to go along, it is the latest from Intel and you'll at the very least set your techie on his way to a system upgrade.

To make this as well rounded of a gift as possible, take a look at our high-end PC buying guide for a motherboard and RAM recommendation so the poor guy doesn't let this baby collect dust on his desk.

Radeon HD 4870 1GB/GeForce GTX 260 Core 216
Give a graphics card, your beloved one will appreciate it - $300
Pulled straight from our Mid-range Enthusiast's PC, the Radeon HD 4870 1GB seems to top out the performance charts when compared against the competing GTX 260 in a majority of titles, except those very latest releases where the Core 216 update to the GeForce seems to be pulling enough muscle to outscore the Radeon.

For all new generation Radeons (HD 4800 series) an aftermarket cooler is highly recommended if you want to keep temperatures down. But whichever is your pick we recommend you to first look at the games you play the most, find the best prices, and watch for the added extras like manufacturer warranty, upgrade plans and factory overclocking out of the box.

Sony HTCT100 Sound Bar with Sub-Woofer
Home theater sound in a 'single speaker' - $300
So you're on a budget and you are trying to find a great gift for the person in your life that is attempting to set up a small home entertainment center? If their audio needs aren't quite met just yet, you should certainly give the HTCT100 a strong consideration.

Featuring 250W of total power, three HDMI inputs, one HDMI output, compatible with signals up to 1080p, digital media port, S-Master amplifier and DSP deliver believable surround sound, the HTCT100 has been specifically singled out in professional reviews for a great reason; it's the best in its class and we're sure you'll get your money's worth.