TechSpot Holiday Gift Guide 2008

Julio Franco

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Only a few weeks now stand between you and that fateful morning of December 25th, but there's still plenty of time to purchase and wrap your list of gifts. But perhaps you don't even have a list yet! Well, if that's the case and you have a family of tech-fiends, our buying guide might just be your savior.

The TechSpot holiday gift guide is not your standard catalog-esque gift guide but one directed toward those special silicon lovers. So, fathers, brothers, husbands and sons rejoice as you spread the word about this thoughtfully compiled list of technology toys, utilities and gadgets. Perhaps it will pay off this Christmas and you won't be disappointed by that lovely pair of handwoven socks from your aunt.

Just like last year our recommendations have been arranged from least to most expensive. The breakdown looks like this:

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