In context: Cirrus Logic was a prominent player in the PC graphics business during the 1990s. The company has since shifted its focus to audio processors and converters, serving more than 3,200 customers across various industries. Its clientele includes well-known names such as Ford, LG, Lenovo, Samsung, Sony, and Apple.

Cirrus Logic recently unveiled a strategic partnership with Intel and Microsoft. The collaboration aims to develop a new reference design for portable PCs based on Intel's upcoming Lunar Lake platform. This platform is designed to offer immersive audio, scalable design, and reduced heat, contributing significantly to Intel's already ambitious efficiency plans.

As outlined in Cirrus Logic's official press release, the key components of the new reference design include the CP9314 high-efficiency power converter, the low-power CS42L43 "SmartHIFI" codec, and the CS35L56 smart amplifiers. The CP9314 chip, utilizing switched capacitor technology, not only reduces heat but also extends battery life, enabling manufacturers to create more compact and thinner designs.

Cirrus Logic emphasizes that the CS35L56 amplifiers can deliver powerful and clear audio signals. Additionally, the CS42L43 codec reduces power consumption by 50 percent for headset audio compared to older HD-A codecs. The company claims that the CS42L43 offers the highest available audio performance with optimal battery life, all while reducing the overall size and cost of the audio subsystem for PC OEM manufacturers.

Intel introduced Lunar Lake as a portable platform focused on power efficiency, and Cirrus Logic is now confirming that the new design will consume significantly less power than previous generations. While the company has traditionally collaborated with Intel and Microsoft on audio components, its new power conversion chips are expanding that partnership.

CL aims to assist major players in the PC industry in creating laptops that can enhance the user experience with exceptional sound, quiet (and potentially fanless) designs, and improved power efficiency levels. As a fabless chipmaker, Cirrus Logic has a track record of shipping over five billion amplifiers to top smartphone manufacturers and being a key partner for "four of the top 5" PC OEM manufacturers.

According to Cirrus Logic, the audio design integrated into the new Lunar Lake reference platform will facilitate the industry's transition to the new SoundWire unified interface for small audio peripherals. Microsoft also provides the new ACX framework for kernel-level audio drivers (KMDF), which is supported by Cirrus Logic's design.

If CL's promises hold true, users of Lunar Lake-based laptops can anticipate experiencing high-performance spatial audio and improved security features designed to minimize unauthorized access to audio feeds from microphones and speakers.

The unveiling of Intel's new x86 ultra-efficient chips is expected later this year.