Is PSP really more powerful than PlayStation 2? News come from GDC, Sony has expanded on that claim and also unveiled the first official PSP title.

Sony and Phillips both unveiled DVD DL (Dual Layer) drives in recent weeks, but it will probably be several months before sample drives are around. If DVD DL still mystifies you, Anandtech has prepared an article for you.

Microsoft is set to release Monday a beta version of an update to its Windows CE operating system for handheld devices, set-top boxes and other limited-function computing devices.

How Would Stripped-Down Windows Work? Despite Microsoft's claims, OS would not be crippled, experts say.

Reports over various web-sites suggest that ATI plans to broaden its range of DX9 videocards with the Radeon 9550 which would consist of a down-clocked RADEON 9600 featuring 128mb DDR memory on a 128-bit bus.

Epic Games showed a tech demo of the upcoming Unreal 3 engine running on a 'next-generation' NVIDIA graphics board, impressions on the demo at HomeLan.