A new story over at AZCentral (found via /.) points out the changes lately seen at online music stores, newer albums are being sold at higher prices sometimes even matching or surpassing those from the actual physical CD.

I won't agree with their opinions though, 'the future of online music prices', I can bet the online community will be harder to convince to pay more for an already overpriced media/product, the online music business model won't work the way the Recording Industry (especially them) expects... all my hopes rest on that.

For months, digital-music services have been touting albums for $9.99 to entice more people to buy online. But Apple Computer Inc.'s iTunes Music Store has been charging $16.99 for "Fly or Die," while Roxio Inc.'s Napster service sells the 12-song collection for $13.99. Both prices are higher than the $13.49 that Amazon.com charges for the CD itself. The same pricing shifts are showing up on albums by a growing slate of artists, from Shakira to Bob Dylan.