With the upcoming release of newer graphics cards from both ATI and NVIDIA, it's a good time to ask what is your graphics card budget, or in case you don't plan to upgrade anytime soon, what is your virtual budget, what kind of money do you generally spend on a graphics board, we want your feedback...

As for our past poll results, I wasn't too surprised that a big share of our users come from the US/Canada, with European visitors coming on second, then a smaller percentage coming from other areas around the globe. Just earlier today I was looking to logs from one of our ad networks and I was surprised (not to mention very proud) that TechSpot is being read everywhere, the list had almost 200 countries listed! Like I've come to say before, it's you, our readers, that make this site.

Where are you from?

North America 61% - 271 votes
Europe 27% - 120 votes
Asia 4% - 18 votes
Australia 4% - 18 votes
South America 2% - 11 votes
Africa 1% - 3 votes

Total votes: 441