Predictions based on the number of PCs shipped so far this year seem to indicate that the end of tech-support for Windows 98 and other major operating systems are pushing the PC industry into its biggest upgrade cycle since Y2K.

"More than 30 percent of installed PCs are now at least three years old," Shiffler says. "Many, if not most of these PCs, are using older Windows operating systems that are no longer supported or are about to lose full technical support."

Although this should come as great news, analysts are concerned on the middle to long-term, tipically the PC industry has relied on consumers but even more important, businesses 3-4 year upgrade cycle however that wouldn't seem to be the case anymore, "because of market saturation and, ironically, the fact that businesses are happy with what they have, according to analysts".

Coincidentally enough, this week Microsoft revealed a new long-term support policy under which they now plan to guarantee a minimum of 10 years of support for all business and developer products (up from their previous 8-year policy).