There are rumours circulating that the software giant is studying the posibility of joining the leagues of Infinium's Phantom console and may work on a hybrid device that would play both PC and Xbox games. Although such a system would sell at 2-3 times the price point of a normal console, I believe this could make for a very successful product if some additional PC functionality is added to the mix (not just PC gaming).

Let's just say that if there's a company in a great position for making such a product, it has to be Microsoft.

One slide describes the unit, which would require a PC monitor or high definition television, as being backward compatible with current and next-generation Xbox titles. It would also play PC games and include a fully functional version of Windows, CD burner, DVD player (with remote control), built-in access to Xbox Live and a hard drive. Control-wise, the system would come with both a keyboard and mouse and a standard Xbox controller. The price point this particular study tested was $599.

And while we are at it...

Citing NPD numbers, Microsoft declares its console had a 51-percent market share in April 2004, beating Sony and Nintendo in sales for that month.

Nokia's redesigned game deck, N-Gage QD, is reportedly being offered for $60 and under in Europe. But will the savings make it to America?