Intel has been forced to recall something like 10 to 15 percent of its pre-release shipments of its latest chipsets for desktops, after it was found that a manufacturing flaw could cause the chipsets to hang during normal use. The company said the flaw does not affect currently shipping versions of the chips.

Intel is recalling selected lots of its 915 G/P and 925X chip sets, also known as Grantsdale and Alderwood, that were shipped before the chips were officially released on June 21. Some of the chips in those lots were found to have a manufacturing flaw in that some of the thin-film material was not properly removed from etch pads in the chips. The flaw could force some systems to hang or not boot properly.

This seems to have been the result of a manufacturing flaw, and not an actual design flaw. As far as Intel know, none of this will present a problem with this chipset winding up in a PC near you very soon.

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