Microsoft's Internet Explorer has been hardly critiziced over the past few months given the impressive number of security holes found which has kept increasing as times passes. Rest assured however no piece of software is perfect and with all the attention PC security is getting nowadays, it came as no surprise a new security flaw discovered in Mozilla browsers caught the big headlines earlier today:

"Branches have been created for three of's latest releases, in order to fix an external Windows protocol handler bug. The fix involves disabling the shell: protocol handler, which was found to enable pages to run executables on Windows via a link. Builds should officially be available shortly, and there will also be an XPI offered to disable the pref. Alternatively, you can set the pref in about:config to false to remove the exploit."

Patched versions of Mozilla 1.7.1 and Firefox 0.9.2 have been released now, also there's the option of downloading a XPI patch to that disables the shell: protocol handler.