Boasting a Intel 925X / ICH6R chipset and support for the new DDR2 memory in dual channel mode, 16x PCI-Express video cards, 2+1 1x PCI Express connector slots for future PCI-E based devices, proprietary 8-channel KarajanTM high definition audio, dual Gigabit (PCI + PCI-E) LAN, Serial ATA MatrixTM RAID, USB 2.0, and IEEE 1394 Firewire ports (wow, out of breath!) the LANPartyTM 925X-T2 Motherboard looks like just the mobo to power my new rig!

The mobo is the first to adopt a completely intuitive PCI-E algorism that automatically detects overclocking requirements and hardware bottlenecks and adjusts on the fly, fulfilling demand for a flexible PCI-E lock to enable 10%+ overclocking.

Other interesting features include serial ATA Matrix RAID and proprietary CMOS Reloaded technology to make overclocking friendlier than ever.