"NVIDIA Corporation (Nasdaq: NVDA), the worldwide leader in visual processing solutions, today announced that independent third-party testing confirms that the NVIDIA® GeForceTM 6800 Ultra and the GeForce 6800 GT graphics processing units (GPUs) deliver faster performance than comparable competitive offerings in Doom 3, regarded as one of the most highly-anticipated PC games in history. "

Basically, the general message seems to be that if you want to play DOOM III with all of the eye candy on (and you do!) then you need an NVIDIA GeForce 6800 Ultra or GeForce 6800 GT to get the best experience, and that these cards kick sand in the face of any competition (i.e. ATI, etc.)

Do benchmarks ever lie? Has anyone managed to play this game yet on anything? I know its not out yet, but has anyone heard any "reports"? Of course, ATI claims a new driver will sort all of this out.