I, like many other people out there, am now starting to wish that SCO would disappear up a black hole, go away, and not bother people any more.

Their most recent stunt has only strengthened my position on this. They plan to raise the cost of their intellectual property (IP) licenses, which they say companies running Linux need to buy in order to avoid being sued.

Recent admissions that SCO doesn't plan to sue anyone else anytime soon have prompted a general attitude that SCO are nothing to worry about. SCO themselves are seeking to set people straight about that, claiming that companies who sit tight and do nothing about the SCO / Linux situation could see themselves out of pocket in the future when all of its lawsuits are won.

IMHO, its the last cry of a company that's part of a time that is coming to an end. The age of Linux is coming. And when it does, I think SCO will crumble into dust.