Microsoft is taking the steps necessary to stop its recently released Service Pack 2 for Windows XP being shared over P2P networks. Even Microsoft would have had a hard time keeping up with the massive download traffic, for that reason the patch was made available earlier this month to beta testers and through OS' automatic updates feature first, then as a standalone download to the general public. Not too surprisingly though, that was the same reason which lead more people to look for alternative ways of downloading.

Perhaps the most popular distribution around was that from website which used the bit torrent client, the group in charge of this website claimed this was done "as a demonstration of how peer-to-peer filesharing technology can help distribute files that are too large for centralized distribution to handle", however the site has now taken down download links for the file and are linking to Microsoft website.

Microsoft has announced intentions to get the update on to 100 million machines in the next two months.