Microsoft has instigated Xbox price cuts in the UK and in the rest of Europe, effective from August 27th. The Xbox now costs 99.99 pounds ($182) in the United Kingdom and 149.99 euros ($184) on the continent. Sony has responded by knocking the price of its PS2 down to 104.99 pounds ($191).

Google has slashed the size of its initial public offering almost in half, down to less than $2 billion on Wednesday. This takes a lot of the thunder out of what was thought to be "the hottest Internet IPO in years." Google will be going for $85 per share, apparently.

Intel has slated price cuts for next week. LGA 775 and 478 pin Prescotts as well as many Celeron processors will be seeing price cuts from that time.

The second phase of the Counter-Strike: Source beta has opened. Owners of Counter-Strike: Condition Zero and the ATI/HL2 bundle can now take part in this time-limited beta test.

It also looks like its the end of the line for HP's Alpha, as HP will be releasing its final version of that product on Monday. The chips will continue to be sold through 2006 though, and will be supported until 2011.