An insightful story went up this morning at PC World detailing some of the major shortcomings seen on today's digital music stores. The writer seems to believe high prices is perhaps the first thing that should be changed, taking for example Real's success when it cut prices by half and reportedly sold 1 million songs during its first week, the offer is for a limited time though.

On a related story, Apple who holds the popularity crown with its iTunes store sounded off earlier this week regarding MSN's new Music download service, saying it has fewer features and fewer songs than the market-leading iTunes.

Finally I was left wondering how your perception of buying music online has changed over the past few months, earlier this year we put up a poll asking you about Online music services, these were the results:

* Will never buy music online
46% - 114 votes
* Haven't considered the possibility
34% - 84 votes
* Plan to buy music online soon
9% - 23 votes
* Tried the service with a few songs
7% - 18 votes
* Bought many songs already
4% - 10 votes

How has this changed for you? Not much? Or perhaps you are now a regular music downloader/buyer? Please post in the comments section.