Tech jobs added in August - More than 9,000 new jobs were added to the U.S. economy in August in the field of computer systems design and related services, the Labor Department said Friday.

Did Apple Offer Sony an ITunes Deal? - A partnership may be crucial for long-term success, one industry insider says.

Sony PSP presentation informs, disappoints - Overview of Sony's portable confirms that the public won't get UMD writers, presenter refuses to clarify MP3 playback or battery life.

A Big LCD TV that Won't Break the Bank - The Syntax Olevia breaks the HDTV price barrier with a 30-inch LCD HDTV for $1699. Can a cheap, flat TV from a relative newcomer build a panel that looks good?

Alienware powers up 4GHz desktop - Game system specialist revs up a new PC with a homegrown Pentium 4 that beats Intel to the 4GHz punch.

BMI posts record year, despite evil pirates and Fair Use - BMI, one of the largest music companies in the world, has posted a record-breaking fiscal year.