Microsoft yesterday published 10 new software security advisories, warning Windows users and corporate administrators of 22 new flaws that have been uncovered in Microsoft products. The flaws range from an "important" flaw which is only an issue for Microsoft Windows NT Server, to three "critical" flaws, which once again concern Internet Explorer.

Right enough, I did see the Automatic Windows Update thing annoy me to let is download some stuff again last night, which I promptly permitted. At least its not too difficult to keep up to date with these patches. I guess these were the updates in question, or at least they address some of the problems.

Several of the flaws could be used to create Web content that would run a program from the Internet, if a victim could be lured to the malicious Web site. Once again, we recommend that you keep your PC up to date with Windows OS patches and updates, that you install and keep up to date a firewall software, and that you install and keep up to date good anti-virus software. Maintaining these measures will save you a lot of hassle in the long run.