Many thanks to Mictlantecuhtli for this one (news source).

"That's right, folks - we're close to the release of Firefox and Thunderbird 1.0 and, just like our last 1.0 release, we want to organise worldwide parties to celebrate.

Thanks to Dominik 'Aeneas' Schnitzer, we have an all-new and improved Mozilla Party Webtool 2.0. You can create your own party, or sign up for one already in progress - and, in an improvement on Webtool 1.0, organisers can now edit and update party details. The tool allows you to organise a celebration in any of 243 countries, principalities, dominions and islands around the world. Never let it be said that we do things by halves around here.

I can exclusively reveal that the weekend of the 19th-21st of November has been chosen as Party Time. That's after the currently-planned release date for Firefox 1.0 - the 9th - and allows for a little slippage too, without crashing into some American thing called "Thanksgiving". (Well, we have to humour them.) So if you want to feel part of the global collective, pick a date in that weekend."