A recent update to Intel's CPU roadmap indicates that the first 90nm P4 Extreme Edition won't make it until early next year. The upcoming processor is slated to run at a 3.73GHz clock frequency and boost features such as a 1066MHz FSB, 2MB of L2 cache (versus current 512KB L2/2MB L3) and AMD-like 64-bit technology that Intel likes to call EM64T.

Also to debut next year are the Pentium 4 6xx series which share the large L2 cache and 64-bit technology of the aforementioned processor but will be clocked from 3.2GHz to 3.6GHz (630 to 660). All upcoming CPUs will use the 775-pin, Socket T platform.

Update: Intel plans to launch its Pentium 4 670 and Celeron D 350 processors for desktops in the second quarter, instead of the first as previously reported. This should give an edge to Extreme Editions as those will bring EM64T earlier to the table.