The long awaited v1.3 patch for Far Cry has finally been released, you might recall that the last patch got withdrawn due to it breaking more things than it fixed. Well, this one promises to make up for that and then some more. Here's a list of mirrors for the 74mb patch.

I guess I can now play through Far Cry a second time. According to Crytek the new patch can be applied either to version 1.1 or 1.2 but they recommend a clean unpatched Far Cry installation for best results. You can read release notes here.

Patch 1.3 change log

* Fixed a crash with the ForkLift when loading some levels.
* Fixed a bug that prevented levels from loading after saving in a previous level.
* Returned surround 5.1 sound option to the menu.
* Fixed a mounted weapon traverse problem.
* Fixed a delay relating to tagging enemies in binocular mode.
* Improved tangent-space calculation to improve bumpmap quality.
* Anisotropic filtering disabled for some textures (light-maps, several lookup textures, fall-off maps) for increased performance. * Improved syncronization in multiplayer.
* Fixed bug in leaning with different player classes.
* Fixed an invisible wall exploit in mp_freighter.