Now here is something no self respecting geek should be without - real-time traffic monitoring via PDA! TrafficGauge have demonstrated a handheld device that will show traffic congestion points in Los Angeles and Orange Counties in real time.

This sexy little gadget promises to relieve you of all of the annoying problems associated with radio traffic updates by giving real-time data from the CalTrans and Metro sensors embedded in 850 miles of Southern California freeways. The gizmo is about the size of a regular PDA and takes two AA batteries, whilst the data is transmitted on a 955.580 Mhz frequency. The device costs $80 and includes one month of service. Thereafter, in order to get usage of the device, customers must pay $7 every month to maintain the service.

Finally, we start to get all of those cool gadgets that were promised in movies like "Until The End of The World."