You know, we do a lot of stories here at Techspot about viruses, trojans, worms and all sorts of other nasties. They always seem to be in the news. OK, probably 90% of them are written by some 45 year old person who lives with his Mom, but you have to admit that Antivirus software companies must have to work hard to keep up. Now then, is it any wonder that antivirus subscription prices are climbing?

Some facts:

Symantec recently increased renewal prices for subscriptions to its Norton AntiVirus and Norton System Works software to US$20.

McAfee prices have climbed steadily in recent years, from $5 in 2000 to $20 today for off-the-shelf versions of its VirusScan product.

Some tech folks say its because of all new Internet threats; others say its competition in the antivirus market from software giant Microsoft, who has made no secret of its intentions to enter the market.