"We’re really working hard to increase customer satisfaction and increase operational efficiency, particularly in this time of tighter budgets and smaller staffs. There’s a lot of emphasis around meeting both internal corporate compliance policies and making sure you’re in compliance with privacy, disclosure and reporting, legislation." - Marion Melani, Adobe senior product marketing manager.

Adobe has today announced that its popular Acrobat software, which allows the user to view PDF files, will get a new release. Adobe Acrobat 7 will ship by the end of the year, and will introduce a number of new features, but will not be as radical as the changes that came with Acrobat 6. Some of the new features will include:

-3-D embedded data in PDFs.
-Improved security.
-Better Microsoft Access Visio integration.
-New Microsoft Outlook integration.
-Faster paper-to-PDF conversion.

The new version also promises a more simple and easy to use design. "in many places, we collapsed the menu structures so you don’t have to go out through lots of different hierarchies," said Adobe.