Looking to the future of the internet, voice over IP, streaming video, and other applications, Nokia has developed a prototype handset that supports Mobile Internet Protocol version 6. IPv6 is the Internet Protocol which is intended to eventually replace IPv4, the current system. IPv4 was developed some 20 years ago and is getting pretty long in the tooth. The new system will generate so many IP address possibilities that even your toothbrush will be able to connect to the net.

"In its booth at the 3G World Congress show this week in Hong Kong, Nokia showed a video clip being streamed to its IPv6 phone, which also supports the current version of the protocol, IPv4. It was the first public demonstration of a call being made to a phone using IPv6, according to Nokia."

Although an IPv6 based device, Nokia were keen to point out that the technology also supports the older protocol as well. The company firmly believes that its phones will be ready in time for when the new protocol is adopted. Judging from how long IPv6 seems to be taking to be adopted, it’s not hard to believe.