Here's the top 10 most requested products from our readers during the last week in our PriceWatch section:

1. Sapphire Radeon 9800 Pro (128MB, DVI & S-Video)
2. Creative Audigy 2 ZS PCI Soundcard
3. Plextor PX-712A DVD±RW Writer (12x/4x/16x DVD+RW)
4. Sigma Designs MPEG4/2/1 Decoder DVD and DIVX Video Playback
5. LG Electronics L2320A Black 23'' LCD Monitor (1920 x 1200, .258mm)
6. LG Electronics GSA4120BI DVD±RW Writer (12x/4x/12x DVD+RW)
7. Canon EOS Digital Rebel EF-S SLR Digital Camera (6.3MP, 3072x2048)
8. NEC ND-3500A Dual Layer DVD±RW Writer (16x/4x/16x DVD+RW)
9. Microsoft Windows XP Professional (Full)
10. Activision Doom III