In response to a bit of confusion over this issue (which we ourselves fell victim to), DigitalTimes have done their best to clear the whole thing up. Quite right, considering it was them who originally reported the story. First of all, let’s recap on where the confusion stemmed from:

"The confusion arose from the fact that there are, in fact, three historically intertwined affiliated companies all named Soyo, and it is only the original parent company, Soyo Computer, that plans to phase out production of its motherboards."

So, there you have it: Soyo Group and Soyo Enterprise will continue to market motherboards and PC peripherals, unaffected by the decision by the parent company.

"The Soyo Group will continue marketing its motherboard products. A newly affiliated company called Soyo Enterprise was formed in Taiwan and will provide R&D and manufacturing support for the Soyo Group. The new company will also market Soyo-branded products in Europe and Asia, while the Soyo Group will target its sales in the US and South American markets, Soyo Enterprise explained."

The two companies will focus on the sale of motherboards, consumer electronics and portable storage, as well as working on other projects such as Voice-over-IP.