Although its not entirely working properly in terms of SLI functionality, VIA have demonstrated a working demo of the K8T890 Pro chipset, which supports DualGFX, a technology which allows a motherboard to use two PCI Express graphics cards at once.

"The VT8251 will include two PCI Express lanes, just enough to outfit a motherboard with a pair of PCI-E X1 expansion slots without overwhelming the 1.06GB/s Ultra V-Link interconnect to the north bridge."

The new Athlon 64 chipset currently only supports using multiple PCI Express over multiple displays, however full SLI is on its way and will be giving us all the games performance we really need.

"K8T890 is all about PCI Express. 20 lanes of PCI Express, to be precise, stand ready to connect the K8T890 to the rest of the system. In a typical configuration, K8T890 motherboards will devote sixteen PCI Express lanes to graphics, leaving four more to power PCI-E X1 expansion slots."