"According to a survey of iPod users by financial analysis firm Piper Jaffray, Macs are basking in the reflected glory of the iPod, with some who own the music player saying they have already or are intending to ditch their PCs for Macs."

The popularity of the iPod seems to have done much to help the popularity of the Mac; recent research has found that 6 percent of iPod users have switched from a PC to a Mac, and an additional 7 percent said they are planning to dump their old PC for an Apple machine. Switchers say that the Mac offers better ease of use, a focus on entertainment and the perception of better security. However, experts believe that people who have made the switch are probably not very techie folk, who want things to just work, and while the trend is nice for Apple for a while, to turn it into something greater and longer term would require the company continuing to set design trends. For Apple to succeed, customers have to keep finding their products "cool".