Net2Phone Inc. are to offer a Wi-Fi handset for its VoiceLine IP telephony service. It is expected that the handset, which is called the XJ100, will sell for $160. The device fully complies with both the 802.11b and 802.11g standards for Wi-Fi LANs, and of course offers voice over IP. The device is 5.5 inches long, weighs 111 grams and looks just like a cell phone. It will run Net2Phone's own software and it is compatible with some existing Net2Phone services, like Net2Phone's VoiceLine.

"VoiceLine service offers unlimited calling to the United States and Canada for $29.99 a month; it also offers country-specific calling plans to Israel or India, and plans of 350 or 500 minutes to Europe and/or Asia in addition to North America. It includes the by-now-familiar package of voice mail, call waiting, caller ID, three-way calling and call forwarding, as well as Web access to controls and call logs. Like many others, VoiceLine assigns the user a U.S. or Canadian phone number with a choice of area codes."