Continuing the war against spam, Microsoft has been suing some more spammers. The company have filed seven lawsuits against individuals for failing to label sexually explicit messages as required by the federal Can-Spam Act. Can-Spam's "brown paper wrapper" requirement calls for all sexually explicit spams to be labelled as such in the subject header, which it is claimed these senders failed to do.

"Sexually explicit materials and publications for sale in stores are required by law to be covered from view with a brown paper wrapper, and it's important that consumers are protected online in the same way."

Further allegations claim that the senders violated Washington state laws and provisions of Can-Spam that prohibit the use of zombie PCs. These "zombies" are computers which have been hacked into without the owner's consent, and are then used to transmit spam. We at Techspot, of course, think that they deserve the death penalty for this.