As most of you should have noticed by now, our recently opened download section is being updated everyday with picks from around the net. Unfortunately we can't post about every relevant release on the frontpage, so with that in mind we have redesigned our downloads section showing a full index of titles available arranged by category, plus the latest 20 downloads being displayed with a short description.

Additionally we've put up download headlines on every content page at TS (left menu), you will hear about staff favourites in our newsletter and I plan to put up a regular weekend post like this one with a highlights round-up of updated and new releases so you won't miss a thing, enjoy!

New this week
Fraunhofer MP3 Surround Decoder/Player, Encoder, Development Kit, WinAmp Plug-In
Free evaluation version of the Fraunhofer IIS MP3 Surround player and the Fraunhofer IIS MP3 Surround encoder.

Lost Goggles 10b2
See page preview thumbnails on your Google results.

WinXP Manager
Powerful utility to tweak, optimize and clean up Windows XP

Updated this week
MSN Messenger 7 Public Beta
MSN Messenger Beta is a pre-release version of the MSN Messenger client that will be offered in the near future.

ZoneAlarm Free 5.5
Easy-to-use firewall blocks hackers and other unknown threats. Stealth mode automatically makes your PC invisible to anyone on the Internet.

Mozilla Thunderbird 1.0 RC1
Thunderbird is Mozilla's next generation e-mail client.

WinAMP 5.07 Full
The legendary WinAMP media player can handle audio CDs, MP3 audio files, and streaming audio broadcasts.

Virus/spyware definitions updates for: Adaware, Spybot, TrendMicro, Kaspersky, F-Secure and Norton.