If you are reading this, then you have reached TechSpot's brand new server.

There is nothing you have to do now besides enjoying the new speedier TechSpot. We must thank The Planet, our hosting provider, for their great support (also to Per who pretty much handled the move - edit by Julio).

Misc. interesting facts:
* Total downtime was less than five minutes.
* Our new server is a Dual P4 Xeon 2.4GHz, 2GB RAM.
* The old box was a Dual PIII 533MHz.
* The old dedicated server hosted TS for the last two years with only RAM upgrades done in that timeframe.
* During peak hours, the old server averaged loads in the range of 5.
* TechSpot has more than tripled its monthly readership during the last two years to well over a million unique readers served each month.

Note: If you are having problems accessing to TechSpot (but can actually read this ;)), please read this information or post about your problem for further assistance.