More details on the nForce 5 have emerged. Firstly, it's been confirmed that the chipset will support both 800 MHz and 1066MHz buses and will support current Prescott processors as well as upcoming Socket 775 CPUs, a 600 core boosting 2MB of cache and future dual core models. The chipset is expected to work with DDR2 667 and DDR2 533 memory, note that support for DDR1 is absent. No less than 20 PCIe lanes will be available, which if used for two graphics cards (SLI, anyone?) enough lanes will remain for four other connectors. All the other usual goodies such as USB 2.0, 1GB LAN, SATA RAID (even level 5!) is also there. All in all, sounds absolutely smashing!

"Samples are expected in Q1 2005 and actual boards should appear later in the same quarter. Nvidia hasn't even disclosed Nforce 5 details to most of its partners but will have to tell them about the boards that they have to sell soon enough."