Firefox continues to steal market share from IE in the browser market and continues to accelerates its pace at doing so. Apparently, Firefox has now grown to more than 5.5 percent, while Internet Explorer drops below 90 percent for what is the first time in a very, very long time. "According to the report from Adtech, shares of all IE versions are retreating. IE 6.x checked in at 79.62 percent or 1.61 percentage points less than at the end of August of this year. Version 5.5 lost in the same time frame 1.21 points and now stands at 5.15 percent while IE 5.x 0.69 points and lists at 4.7 percent." Users are attracted to the many benefits of using Firefox over IE, which include fewer security problems, faster rendering, tabbed browsing and a bigger web page view. But Firefox still has a long way to go to topple the might IE, who even at below 90 per cent of the market share has little to worry about at this present time.