Easynet is to provide wholesale broadband to telcos and ISPs, and at prices which it claims will be 30-35 per cent cheaper than any of its rivals in the market.

"Using its own kit installed in BT exchanges, Easynet is offering operators the chance to provide unbundled services direct to end users via its new LLUStream product. So far, however, the local loop unbundling (LLU) operator has unbundled 240 of BT's local exchanges covering 700,000 businesses and some 4.4m homes."

David Rowe, CEO of Easynet, believes that this is the right time for the company to open its network to other providers in competition with BT's IPStream and DataStream products, due to the market being at an inflection point with the imminent launch of new services across the copper network. They will be offering speeds of up to 8Mbps, rising to 18Mpbs when ADSL2+ becomes available following regulatory action.