Firefox continues to blaze on in its download figures, this time according to, 10,440,081 packages have been downloaded since November 9 from its own website alone. This does not include the countless websites hosting the download files around the globe. The real figure may be much higher.

"The organization said that it took about ten days for the Firefox Preview to reach about two million downloads. The final version crossed the ten million mark in about 32 days. A print ad to promote the browser and paid for by the user community in the meantime has been completed and will be sent out in "the next days" for publication in the New York Times, a post on the website said."

Microsoft still feels it has little to worry about, and as we've said many times no wonder why: at slightly more than 90 percent, IE has little to worry about as things still currently stand from Firefox' just under five percent. But you never know what the future will bring.