MSN's Hotmail service is ditching McAfee as its antivirus solution for the web based e-mail service, and is switching to a system by Trend Micro instead. The reasons for the switch remain unclear, but Microsoft have promised that this change will lead to better security all round for the Hotmail user, and that Trend Micro's products provide a "deeper antivirus protection."

"Ninemsn is focused on providing a safer online experience for our Australian customers...We're pleased to work with Trend Micro, to provide deeper antivirus protection for our Hotmail customers." - Martin Hoffman, chief executive of Ninemsn, which operates Hotmail in Australia and is half owned by Microsoft.

Trend Micro, which is best known for its PC-cillin Internet Security product, have said in a statement that they have a vision to "make it safe for people to exchange digital information" and that that vision is behind everything that they do for the customers that they serve.

McAfee did not comment.