If you were the MPAA, which Bittorrent sites would you go after first? Well, it looks like SuprNova.org and TorrentBits.org may be the latest victims of the MPAA, as these sites are no longer reachable at this time. These sites have had erratic availability before, but there is something a little sinister about this latest outage.

Are these kinds of Bittorrent sites going to dry up? Well, if the MPAA have their way, then yes. They contain links to literally terabytes of data, the vast majority of it seemingly pirated material, including many new DVDs, video tapes, mp3s, games and books. There are even many "CAM" tapings of recent cinematic releases, where someone has posted an illegal copy of a film obtained by secret filming in the movie theatre. Surely, if these sites are not down now, it will not be long before they are completely goneā€¦?