Who is the Giant Software Company, and how can their acquisition by Microsoft help you, the consumer? Well, Microsoft will be using the company's products to release anti-spyware for Windows, and Winsupersite have a review of that software.

If you set it up correctly, you'll never see the AntiSpyware application after your first manual spyware scan, because it will sit resident in your system and automatically deal with most spyware attacks, prompting you only with pop-up windows occasionally as needed. However, Giant AntiSpyware, unlike some other spyware solutions, presents a pleasant, easily-navigated user interface that is similar, in some ways, to a Microsoft taskpad or activity center.

The article will fill you in on the three main screens of the AntiSpyware application, how to configure the settings there and how to operate the application. The advanced features of the application are discussed, along with some discussion about future directions.